Camp Hickory

Address: 26202 W. Nippersink Rd. Ingleside, IL    Phone: 815-823-6929


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  • About the Facilities (click to open)

  • The Chapel
    The Chapel can seat up to 300, and offers a sound board and system, video playback equipment and projector and free WiFi upon request. It also has restrooms.

    The Dining Hall
    The Dining Hall can be used for multiple purposes. It features a full kitchen, with serving area. Groups can choose from a variety of tasty retreat menu options, prepared by the camp kitchen staff. Ask about our variety of menu options when placing your reservation!

    Also in the Dining Hall:
    – Snack Bar Area with Freezer and Refrigerator
    – Small Cafe Area with Espresso and Coffee Machines
    – Large Dining Area with Large Fireplace
    – Game Room
    – Restrooms
    – Additional Meeting Rooms